About the system
The graduates employment “HEN-GEAR” portal was created in the framework of the “Tempus HEN-GEAR” Project, funded by the European Union. The portal aims to support the solution of the employment issues of the graduates, as well as contribute to the development of the cooperation between the sectors of education and business. Beginning with 2014, each alumnus of YSU can register in the system. The university, in its turn, confirms some administrative input data, and then the graduate’s data becomes available in the portal. The interested employers, having registered in the system, can make searches and make specific proposals to the graduates. YSU Alumni and Career Centre coordinates the registration of graduates in the “HEN-GEAR” Portal.

Start of the registration of 2013/14 academic year graduates
The process of registration of the graduates of 2013/14 academic year started in autumn of 2014. Having registered in the system, you get new opportunities in the labor market.